My name is Pam Harris I started woodworking about 8 years ago. At first I made Bandsaw Boxes on a very small hobby bandsaw, I was given and fixed up. My hobby got more serious and after about 6 months I was getting asked to make boxes for local people and friends.

Being a big fan of YouTube and having posted a few video of me making Bandsaw Boxes I noticed at this time not many people made videos of making these boxes so I decided that I would start posting regular videos on YouTube about making these boxes and also on my journey of starting a small business selling what I make.

So that was the very start of my passion. I now make lots of different projects and work a lot with resin, making resin art projects and pen and knife scale blanks.

I have lots of plans for the future and building on what I have already achieved. So I hope you will enjoy what the future will bring.